Ways to Address Your Senior Loved One’s Loneliness


Feeling sad and lonely at times is normal. However, these feelings can pose health risks for our senior loved ones because of their age. This is especially true for our elderly who also have developmental disabilities.

Luckily, as family members, there are a lot of things we can do to address their loneliness and help them lead a better quality of life.

And we know this too well as a provider of residential care in Maryland at Standard Integrated Supports, Inc. That is why we have enumerated steps below that you can follow to help them manage their loneliness.

  • Find out what is causing their distress.
    And make sure to do so in a respectful and sensitive manner. That said, they may not be able to pinpoint this themselves or even get frustrated, so it’s important to extend your patience.
  • Make sure to address their physical needs.
    Having an injury, an illness, and other types of physical discomfort can add to your senior loved one’s loneliness, as these can significantly limit their independence.
  • Consider a more social environment for them.
    Having a social life is as important to your senior loved one’s golden years as it is at any stage in their life.

A group home in Owings Mills, Maryland can help them make new connections and grow a social life again.

They can also benefit from developmental disabilities services here while having their daily personal care needs addressed.

We hope these tips helped! For more like these, make sure to check back next time.

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