Living Healthily with a Developmental Disability


Persons with disabilities can still live healthy and fulfilling lives. They need health care and programs for the same reasons anyone else does. However, the care they require might be in the form of special programs.

Developmental disabilities services can help people with disabilities thrive despite their limitations. Having a disability does not mean that a person is not healthy or cannot be healthy. Hence, health problems that are related to disabilities can likewise be treated. These health problems, also known as secondary conditions, may include depression, pain, and greater risks for specific illnesses.

To live healthily despite having a developmental disability, the person may need health care that meets his or her unique needs. Even though people with developmental disabilities sometimes have a harder time getting and staying healthy, there are many things they can do to get and stay healthy more easily.

Our residential care in Maryland caters to people with developmental disabilities. We value the importance of being physically active every day, eating healthy foods, getting regular checkups, using medications properly, and staying in touch with family and friends. These things are some of the very few steps that encourage our patients to get better and live healthier.

People with developmental disabilities must also be guided when choosing the best possible health care for them. Family members can discuss with each other which option to take.

Our group home in Owing Mills, Maryland offers trusted DDA programs. If you want to know more, call Standard Integrated Supports, Inc. today!

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