The founding philosophy of SIS, Inc. was derived from focusing on the “abilities” within the individual with disabilities. Our management and staff strongly believe that individuals with disabilities can achieve their maximum level of independence if they are provided with proper supports. Our determination to focus on individual ability has grown out of many years of commitment to supporting and appreciating the unique needs of each person with disabilities and recognizing that those needs are no different from the needs of non-disabled persons.

The ideal outcome when working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities is to support them to make choices, become as self-sufficient and independent to the extent possible. Although some may never live independently, it is important to support them in a way that promotes dignity, respect, and compassion. In doing so, the individual develops a better sense of self-worth with no regard to any stigma placed on their disability.

SIS, Inc. fosters the following values for the individuals served that are guidelines for the staff providing the services.

  • Self-sufficiency – with supports, the ability for one to fully engage in all aspects of his/her life and promote better self-worth
  • Independence – with supports, the ability for one to exercise their basic human rights without limitations due to their disability
  • Safety – with supports, the ability to free from abuse and neglect—the ability to have access to the same treatment as a non-disabled person
  • Choices – with supports, the ability to make choices regarding one’s life
  • Information Sharing – with supports, the ability to access information that will assist one in making choices about any aspect of life


SIS, Inc. program will provide residential support services to adults (21 years of age or older) with intellectual and developmental disabilities, medically compromised, behaviorally challenged, autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, and language impairment. SIS, Inc. is determined to service this target population with compassion, in assisting the individual to live a satisfying life that he/she chooses.


The Standard Integrated Support, Inc. proposes to provide services in the following areas:

  • Baltimore County
  • Baltimore City
  • Howard County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Harford County


Community and Family Residential Support Services

  • Alternative Living Unit (ALU)/Group Home
  • Personal Support Services/Community Support Living Arrangement
  • Respite Care
  • Family and Individual Support Services (F/ISS)

Day Support Program

  • Day Habilitation Program
  • Supported Employment Program (SE)
  • Vocational Services
  • Community Development Services (CDS)